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Back Pain FAQs

Back pain is anything but "common," especially if it's preventing you from enjoying life. At Mael Chiropractic in Allston, we offer chiropractic solutions for back pain relief. These FAQs from our chiropractor near you will give you a better understanding of what causes back pain and how you can obtain relief.


What causes back pain?

Back pain can stem from various factors, some intentional and others accidental. Years of poor posture, ergonomic issues, or muscle overuse can lead to back pain and discomfort. Accidents can result in painful soft tissue injuries. Additionally, chronic conditions like sciatica and degenerative disc disease can contribute to back pain.

What is the difference between acute and chronic back pain?

Acute back pain is sudden and sharp, often arising from accidental injuries. Minor pain may resolve on its own, but persistent pain warrants attention from your chiropractor for back pain relief. Chronic back pain, on the other hand, is long-term and is often associated with chronic conditions. Without proper treatment, acute back pain can evolve into a chronic problem.

What are the risk factors for developing back pain?

Age and poor physical condition increase the risk of experiencing back pain. Overweight individuals are also at higher risk due to the added pressure on the spine. Jobs that involve prolonged sitting, standing, or heavy lifting can predispose individuals to back pain issues.

How can chiropractic care help with back pain?

Chiropractors employ gentle techniques and natural therapies to manage painful symptoms:

- Spinal adjustments: These correct subluxations and imbalances in the spinal system, easing pain, restoring spinal function, and promoting natural healing.

- Massage: Soft tissue massage relaxes tense muscles and joints, reducing pain and promoting healing by increasing blood circulation to injured tissues.

- Corrective exercises: These exercises strengthen core muscles, restore flexibility, and improve range of motion and mobility.

Why should I see a chiropractor for back pain relief?

Chiropractic treatments are gentle, noninvasive, and drug-free, addressing pain at its source and promoting natural healing.

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To schedule back pain treatment at Mael Chiropractic in Allston, MA, contact us today at 617-787-8700. With back pain being a prevalent issue, understanding its causes and treatment options is crucial for obtaining relief and improving your quality of life. By addressing your back pain concerns with the help of our experienced chiropractor, you can take proactive steps towards a healthier, pain-free future.

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Dr. Mael is wonderful! I have had chronic back pain since I can remember and I've never felt so comfortable since. He's a great person and professional, and his schedule is quite flexible. The location and atmosphere are great!

Kayla R. / Allston, MA

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