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Conditions Treated

Mael Chiropractic Treats a Wide Range of Conditions

Pain and problems with movement can occur anytime. Chiropractic care can help solve these problems with non-invasive, drug-free techniques. At Mael Chiropractic in Allston, MA, we care for conditions that cause discomfort and poor function.

Back Pain

Low back pain is a common problem caused by work tasks, athletic activities, or deterioration of spinal structures. We help with multiple treatment options to facilitate movement, flexibility, and comfort.

Neck Pain

Computer use and bending the head over smartphone screens can lead to chronic neck discomfort. Neck pain can also occur after a fall or accident that causes rapid back-and-forth movement during an impact. Chiropractic care can restore standard neck and upper spinal alignment and reduce soft tissue inflammation that supports the neck and head.


Frequent headaches can occur when the structures of the upper spine are out of alignment, causing pressure on nerves. Careful re-alignment of spinal structures in the upper back and neck can relieve pressure on muscles, tendons, and nerves, restoring free range of motion and flexibility.


The longest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve, can become compressed at its origin in the lower spine, causing pain, tingling, and numbness in the legs. Correcting the misalignments in the lower spine can help reduce uncomfortable sciatica symptoms.

Work Injuries

Lifting activities and repetitive twisting movements can lead to chronic back or joint pain. We will thoroughly analyze your condition and determine the best therapeutic measures for your needs.

Auto Accident Injuries

If you have experienced an auto accident, you may be left with ongoing discomfort and problems with normal mobility due to misalignment of the spine and soft tissue damage. Your chiropractor can help with spinal adjustments and specialized techniques to relieve soreness and muscle pain.


Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune system problem that can cause widespread discomfort throughout the body. Chiropractic care can help relieve pain. Individuals can function more comfortably in their daily lives.

Make Mael Chiropractic Your Chiropractor in Allston, MA

Dr. Mael uses his extensive training in various chiropractic techniques to help his patients in Allston, MA, and surrounding communities manage various health issues. Contact Mael Chiropractic today at (617) 787-8700 for an appointment to learn how chiropractic methods can help you enjoy greater comfort and improved function.

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Dr. Mael is wonderful! I have had chronic back pain since I can remember and I've never felt so comfortable since. He's a great person and professional, and his schedule is quite flexible. The location and atmosphere are great!

Kayla R. / Allston, MA

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