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Tension Headaches

Tension Headaches Treatment in Allston, MA

Dealing with a tension headache can make your day less enjoyable. Although headaches aren't normally debilitating, you can feel horrible when they occur. Our chiropractor at Mael Chiropractic in Allston, MA can help you with chronic pain, headaches, and many other problems you may have. Here are a few ways you can try managing tension headaches, including chiropractic care. 


Reduce Stress

Excessive stress can make headaches a lot worse. Exercise, heathy eating, and socialization are effective relaxation techniques you can try. If you live a hectic lifestyle, this can contribute to stress and headache frequency. Instead, try taking extra time to recreate well on a regular basis. 

Get Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly can help you focus on something positive and burn off stress. Staying active increases energy and boosts your mood. For example, doing moderate aerobic exercise a few times each week eases stress. Corrective exercises from a chiropractor can be a good workout to ease tension headaches because they can be targeted to your specific problem. 

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting adequate sleep can make it easier to become stressed and experience tension headaches. To sleep better, you can keep electronic devices out of your bedroom. When you know your bedroom is only for sleep, you can be calmer and sleep deeper and longer. Focus on creating an environment specifically for rest. 

Apply a Heating Pad

You can relax the muscles in your shoulders and neck by applying a heating pad to these areas. You can also use a warm compress, water bottle, or towel. Moreover, taking a warm bath or shower soothes the muscles, increases blood flow, and reduces pain. If this doesn't work, keep trying to find ways to ease your pain.

Get Help from a Chiropractic Professional

If your tension headaches aren't easing up enough, and you need more help, our chiropractor, Dr. Mael, is here for you. Our chiropractic professional can help identify your triggers and provide you with chiropractic treatment. This can include performing a spinal alignment, which can decrease your tension headaches. Chiropractic care is also natural and does not need drugs to work towards getting you the results you might need to better fulfill your responsibilities in life.

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Dr. Mael is wonderful! I have had chronic back pain since I can remember and I've never felt so comfortable since. He's a great person and professional, and his schedule is quite flexible. The location and atmosphere are great!

Kayla R. / Allston, MA

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