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Chronic Pain

Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain persists for an extended period, typically lasting three months or more. It can result from various underlying causes, such as musculoskeletal issues, nerve compression, inflammation, or previous injuries. Chiropractic care specializes in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions, particularly those related to the spine.


Our chiropractor, Dr. Charles Mael, provides excellent chiropractic treatment of chronic pain. Dr. Mael can diagnose chronic pain and create a treatment plan that works for you. Visit Mael Chiropractic in Allston, MA, for superior chiropractic pain treatment.

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a persistent and recurring discomfort or pain in the lower, middle, or upper back. This pain can significantly impact your daily activities, quality of life, and emotional well-being. Chronic back pain can have various underlying causes, and its management often requires a comprehensive approach.

Common causes of chronic back pain include spinal arthritis, disc issues like a bulging or herniated disc, and spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is when the spinal canal starts to narrow from age. This condition can easily cause spinal nerve pain. Our chiropractor will diagnose your chronic back pain and decide on a treatment plan suited to your needs.

Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is persistent and ongoing discomfort in the neck region lasting three months or more. This pain is caused by various factors, including poor posture, muscle strain, injuries, and underlying medical conditions. Poor posture and osteoarthritis are the two most common causes of chronic pain in the neck. Chronic neck pain can significantly impact your sleep and well-being. Better posture is a possible solution, but you may need a diagnosis and possible treatment if your condition is serious.

What Are Our Treatments for Chronic Pain?

Our chiropractic treatments for chronic pain include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue treatments, massage therapy, and stretching exercises. In addition, we can treat chronic pain using spinal decompression therapy. Dr. Mael will provide an accurate diagnosis to proceed with your treatment.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Practice

If you are experiencing chronic pain, consult with our chiropractor to discuss your symptoms and explore which treatment options can benefit your pain management plan. Combining chiropractic care with appropriate treatments and lifestyle modifications can improve pain relief and well-being. We can treat chronic pain effectively and help you get back to doing what you love. Mael Chiropractic in Allston, MA, is the premier chiropractic service for regular pain treatment. Call us at (617) 787-8700 or visit our website today. 

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Dr. Mael is wonderful! I have had chronic back pain since I can remember and I've never felt so comfortable since. He's a great person and professional, and his schedule is quite flexible. The location and atmosphere are great!

Kayla R. / Allston, MA

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